The pomegranate its a legendary tree of ancient tradition, since thousand of years symbol of fertility for all culture that have been fascinated by its fruits, rich in catchy red seeds. An atypical fruit of fascinating and multicultural symbology: expression of divine perfection and vital energy, representation of exuberance of life, expression of fervent

love, wealth, femininity and good wishes.The blue its the colour of calm, silence, harmony, sky and sea, infinite space and infinite around us. Blue is intense, relaxing, introspective. Blue is the invisible that become visible, the truth, the wisdom, the peace, the contemplation, the union between the sky and the sea. Two metaphors of pure beauty, unified in a keynote name. As the blue pomegranate its not existing in nature, so Massimo Crema and Ermanno Rocchi desire and create what still doesnt exist....


(New installation at Superstudio Più’s Temporary Museum for New Design)



An enchanting magical chamber that illuminates and exudes the colors of Melogranoblu’s visionary poetry
During the Milan Furniture Design Week, Melogranoblu once again has presented a breathtaking interval of light, music, visual illusions and emotions. At Temporary Museum for New Design in Superstudio Più, the company belonging to Massimo Crema and Ermanno Rocchi has presented the installation Maelström:
hundreds of luminous drops in a range of dimensions – listed in the catalogue with the name Sigma – combined to create an endless vortex of light and darkness, music and visual suggestions. Maelström has been chosen as a finalist for the Milan Design Award, the first prize dedicated to best Milan...







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